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Money Market Accounts is a personal finance site dedicated to helping consumers learn more about personal finance and investing in money markets. Our goal is to help consumers understand and navigate the various money market products available as well as provide tips on how to make small changes in your life to achieve your financial goals. Our topics range from personal finance including financial investments, the economy, bank rates, real estate and housing, tax preparation, credit scores, insurance, health care, shopping, deals and offers, and current events that impact our daily lives.

Editorial Policy

MoneyMarketAccounts.com takes responsibility for the accuracy of the information and the opinions published in its articles. Writers for MoneyMarketAccounts.com — staff and freelance contributors — must ensure that their articles are fact-based, truthful, and reflect their honest opinions. This approach applies to all editorial content on the site. The opinions expressed on MoneyMarketAccounts.com are the author's alone, not those of the bank advertiser. Editorial content has not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by the bank advertiser.

If we have made an error, or if our information is misleading, we welcome the opportunity to correct it.

MoneyMarketAccounts.com does not receive compensation from any company, product or person mentioned in our editorial content, including assessments, unless it has been specifically disclosed in the article. If we feature an article by a third party — one that does not feature an assessment — we include the word "Sponsored" next to the byline or in another prominent location above the fold. If an advertiser decides to sponsor a page written by one of our writers, the editorial content is strictly ours and reflects the honest opinions of our writers and the research they conducted. In this case, we would also indicate that the article is "Sponsored."

Product Assessments and Rankings

MoneyMarketAccounts.com features product rankings in order to help consumers decide which products fit their needs. All of our assessments are based on extensive research and analysis by our MoneyMarketAccounts.com team; they are independent of any relationships we have with advertisers. The conclusions represented in our rankings are based on data and the expertise of the MoneyMarketAccounts.com editorial team. Details about the methodology used for our each of our assessments are listed below.

MoneyMarketAccounts.com compiles rates on approximately 1,900 deposit products from over 400 U.S. banking institutions. Rates are gathered weekly from institution websites and from other sources as appropriate. In the gray listings of the account rates table we feature the rates we have compiled, ranked from the highest to the lowest rates. We feature advertisers above those listings in white.

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